Collagen Injection

Collagen injection to close the bladder neck

This is an endoscopic procedure to correct stress urinary incontinence in men or women due to sphincter or pelvic floor weakness. Bovine-treated collagen is injected at the bladder neck to bulk it and prevent urine leak. It is done under general anaesthesia at a day case and takes 15 mins. Because collagen is a biodegradable product, repeat injections may be needed every 6 months.

Complications include:

  • bloody urine. This should clear by a week
  • difficulty passing urine. This is due to excess swelling around the bladder neck and should resolve by 2 weeks
  • urinary retention. If this happens, a catheter will need to be inserted and left in for a few days

Desired outcomes:

  • no excess bleeding (<5% chance)
  • no retention of urine (<1% occurrence)